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Hey, it’s WIDR WEEK, and We Need Money!!! SwaG! is but three hours a week on a noncommercial university radio station, WIDR. If it didn’t exist, SwaG! would not exist. If equipment broke, SwaG! would be crippled. If electrical problems weren’t fixed, Bat Guano could get his weak heart stopped by a shock.

You don’t want Bat Guano to die, do you??? Please support WIDR, SwaG! and all the fine programing that keeps Kalamazoo and the World Wide Web a musically interesting place. The only reason free free-form radio exists is because listeners give us $$$ to keep going. Go to to see the many events of WIDR WEEK, including a” Dance Party” at The Strutt featuring a rare live disk jockey appearance by Bat Guano and other DJs Feb. 28. And please call (269) 387-6303 Wednesdays Feb. 18 and Feb. 25, 9 pm-midnight Eastern US time to pledge support to WIDR-FM (call and pledge other times between Feb. 18-March 1 if you hate SwaG!)