THE Bat Guano’s SwaG! radio program It’s a radio program (that used to be on) wednesdays 9 pm eastern 89.1 widr kalamazoo, mi, usa

When Bat Guano created SwaG!, he used ingredients specially blended for listenability.

All of the notes created by the finest musicians are in most of the songs he broadcasts. Genres are mixed and matched, compared and contrasted, hitting all the seasons that make it lively for the ears’ tongue. Then it is all lightly breaded and personally dipt in Ranch Dressing by your server, Bat Guano.

“How’s everything tastin’ tonight?”

Everything's tastin’ like SwaG!

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Finally, a Radio Program You Can Listen To!

SwaG! (used to be) live on WIDR-FM, 89.1, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. Eastern.

Hear it in recorded form on this very web site (see below).

Hey, Kids! Chat with Bat Guano over the telephone! Call (269) 387-6303 between 9 and midnight Eastern Wednesdays. He might swear at you!

Your radio friend, Bat Guano

Alone? Lonely? People think you’re creepy?

You can be Bat Guano’s “special friend,” and become a fan of the program.

*If you don’t really know Bat Guano, it is likely that he will act as if he doesn’t know you if you address him as “Bat” or “Bat Guano” or “Guano” in rare face-to-face encounters. Bat Guano doesn’t really like people.

Go to the ARCHIVE for even more stale old shows.